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Game Academy´s diagnostics is based on the data analysis and research of over 200 scientific papers on skills, games and employment. Clusters are potential occupations according to the game data you provided.
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Research suggests that it is worth correlating your in-game drivers and motivation to professional ones. That might lead to more enjoyment every day at work. And doing what you enjoy is definitely a north star in a career.

In games you enjoy making contact with new people and creating long-lasting friendships.

Relationships matter to you in real life too. In an age of more and more virtual experience and remote work, more and more conversations are now happening online.

Make sure that at work you create a circle you can socialise with. Create communities of support in different areas of your life. The more the better; and when looking for new work, make sure it involves networking.

Potential work functions: customer relationships, internal communication, HR.

In games you enjoy the feeling of an adventurous experience, exploring a big world and being part of many exciting events.

For this reason, you should aim for diversity of experiences in your professional life.

Try to always find the spirit of adventure, freedom and empowerment, when you're working - this is what will make you successful and keep you fulfilled.

What's the next professional thing you'll learn to try?

You often play games simply to have fun, mess around, do silly things and to feel happier.

That's great, who'd argue with that! As long as you are able to have fun via different activities.

Fun is important in games, but also in work and life. Think how you can bring the feeling of joy and happiness to your every day life.

Start with playful things. Mess around in your home. Speak to a person with a great sense of humour. Pursue habits, but break them too.

Your gaming skills that can be translated to professional ones.

You are good at MMO games, that is why you are able to build constructive relationships with other people.

Ability to communicate with strangers and within the team in a virtual environment is becoming more and more important for the modern workplace.

You can resolve conflict and achieve goals despite of different opinions and destructive behaviour.

Based on:
You are skilled at Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle and Ultima Online: Third Dawn.

You are good at action games.

According to research action games demand fast reactions and good hand-eye coordination.

They help develop multitasking and information management skills to make you more able to select relevant information over time and suppress distracting information, making you retrieve information with better accuracy, higher precision and following an highly efficient strategy.

Based on:
You are skilled at DOOM II. You've enjoyed Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

You are good at games that demand making quick decisions.

In times of uncertainly or in a fast-changing environment you move fast, you adapt your course of action based upon the impact you see.

Your intuition is strong and it helps your reasoning.

Based on:
You are skilled at DOOM II.