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Becoming a community manager

Game Academy´s diagnostics is based on the data analysis and research of over 200 scientific papers on skills, games and employment. Clusters are potential occupations according to the game data you provided.
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Research suggests that it is worth correlating your in-game drivers and motivation to professional ones. That might lead to more enjoyment every day at work. And doing what you enjoy is definitely a north star in a career.

In-game you enjoy the story, following a character's journey and seeing how in-game events develop and shape the world.

That's why in professional life, you would enjoy activities related to stories, story making, story telling and narrative development.

Consider roles that demand content creation, comedy or journalism.

One of the best selling points of a game for you is the atmosphere it brings - its art, visuals and music - and the more immersive, the better.

That's why atmosphere and vibe are also important to you in work and life.

Think, how can you add more details to create a space at work, both physical and mental, that will inspire you?

You appreciate realistic characters, who improve the quality of your gaming experience.

Thus, in a professional environment, you would thrive when communicating with different people, as you understand many social parameters and motivations, through the games you've played.

Surrounding yourself with interesting personas helps you explore this even further. Do you have inspiring people around you? How can you ensure that you always do?

When choosing a position, aim for one which allows you to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and encourages you to maintain them over time.

In addition, it's essential that you're prompted to communicate with people outside the organisation and show off your skills, e.g. representing your company to customers, the public, government institutions or other external sources.

This can be achieved in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail.

Potential occupations: Learning and Development management, HR, Community Management, PR.

Your gaming skills that can be translated to professional ones.

You are good at action games.

According to research action games demand fast reactions and good hand-eye coordination.

They help develop multitasking and information management skills to make you more able to select relevant information over time and suppress distracting information, making you retrieve information with better accuracy, higher precision and following an highly efficient strategy.

Based on:
You are skilled at Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Dying Light, Grand Theft Auto IV and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. You've played Dying Light (80h), Sleeping Dogs (29h) and Tomb Raider (18h).

You are good at open-world games.

Due to your ability to self-monitor and self-correct you can work independently.

Often you are taking the initiative rather than waiting to be told what to do; doing what is asked to the best of your ability, without the need for external prodding; learning to work at a pace that you can sustain; taking ownership of your mistakes without looking for excuses.

Based on:
You are skilled at Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Dying Light, Grand Theft Auto IV and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. You've played Dying Light (80h) and Sleeping Dogs (29h).

You are good at games that demand creativity.

Activities that demand developing, designing, or creating new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products are the areas where you can express yourself.

Creativity is the number one 'soft' skill that employers wanted in 2020, according to LinkedIn.

Organisations need people who can take a creative approach to problems and tasks across all business roles, from software engineering to human resources.

Best advice: focus upon honing your ability to bring new ideas to the table.

Based on:
You are skilled at Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. You've played Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (96h).

💬 Quest submissions
Luke completed quest QUEST: Your third Driver
thoughts: I've experienced it in-game, especially with Dragon Age where you have all these interesting interactions and banter, especially in Dragon Age II with Aveline and Isabella, pure gold! Real life example would be finding people who enjoy the same hobbies that I do, people that enjoy the same research interests when it comes to history, people who have a similar taste in music, etc.
Luke completed quest QUEST: Explore your second Driver
thoughts: The atmosphere is what sells it to me in RPGs. Primarily, it is through the music and the soundtracks. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed.... they all have amazing, inspiring, fulfilling music that helps you get fully embedded into the world, its characters and its quests. Real life example, when I am working on my thesis and try to find out information on medieval weapons (currently writing about the development of the medieval crossbow), I create the perfect atmosphere by having a playlist which has bard-inspired, medieval-inspired, celtic, medieval-esque, epic instrumental/orchestral music. Always helps!
Luke completed quest QUEST: Explore your first Driver
thoughts: Oh boy, narration. That makes sense. In games, let's say Mass Effect, I would explore every planet in Mass Effect 1 that you can land on, collect all the minerals, etc. Also in Dragon Age games, I'd explore the areas first, collect what I can and focus on side-quests and only then I would move to the main storyline. Same goes for every game within the Assassin's Creed franchise: COLLECT EVERYTHING!
Luke completed quest QUEST: Explore your third Power
thoughts: Creativity would be very helpful as I would be able to analyse the situation presented in front of me and come up with several creative steps and/or solutions to achieve the business goal. This is something that, I have seen, is very instrumental if you want to work with social media (my goal), cyber security and other lucrative industries.
Luke completed quest QUEST: Explore your second Power
thoughts: It can help me in learning quickly when I do something wrong and I believe that it could help me have a better cooperation with my future employers as I would be able to do my best with some guidance (but then again, no one would need to hold my hand 24/7).
Luke completed quest QUEST: Explore your first Power
thoughts: When it comes to the multitasking, it can help me in juggling my thesis, a potential job and continue working on my Front End Development Bootcamp, while also prioritizing other work.
Luke completed quest QUEST: Tell us about a gaming victory!
gamingachievement: Completing every main Assassin's Creed game up to Valhalla 100% in a span of a couple months
lifeachievement: Successfully completing my MA abroad and starting a PhD