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Internal currency you can earn doing quests, engaging with the community and can spend for virtual and real-life perks — Expansion Packs
Game Academy´s diagnostics is based on the data analysis and research of over 200 scientific papers on skills, games and employment. Clusters are potential occupations according to the game data you provided.
  • Passion
  • Strengths
Research suggests that it is worth correlating your in-game drivers and motivation to professional ones. That might lead to more enjoyment every day at work. And doing what you enjoy is definitely a north star in a career.

You enjoy conquering difficult challenges in games.

Keeping your professional life challenging will stimulate your brain in the best way possible - you should avoid working in an "easy" environment, as it will get stagnant and unrewarding for you rather quickly.

Make sure you are aware of the next milestone you want to conquer, set ambitious tasks and goals for yourself. Otherwise you'll find that many jobs might get boring for you.

Your gaming skills that can be translated to professional ones.
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You are good at action games.

According to research action games demand fast reactions and good hand-eye coordination.

They help develop multitasking and information management skills to make you more able to select relevant information over time and suppress distracting information, making you retrieve information with better accuracy, higher precision and following an highly efficient strategy.

Based on:
You are skilled at LEGO City Undercover. You've enjoyed Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Super Mario 3D World.

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Karolina Mi completed quest QUEST: Tell us about a gaming victory!
gamingachievement: Achieved level 300 in Simpsons Tapped Out game
lifeachievement: Enrolled to Game Industry Bootcamp