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Building a Future in Construction by Playing Games

Did you know that a job in construction can be as interesting as your favourite game?

The question matters since the construction industry is digitising fast and suffering just now from a real shortage of digital talent.

A major motivator for many gamers to play is to see the results of actions faster than in real life - and construction is the perfect industry for this. With construction you get tangible results. You can see buildings and structures being built and become an integral part of this process - many gamers count 3D modelling as a hobby.

Digital construction demands a certain flexibility in using different interfaces and having a variety of views on software - a feature integral to successfully engaging with and completing many games.

And there is a natural interchange between flying real-life drones and in-game aircraft, as well as remote and manually controlled vehicles.

On the level of individual games that people choose to play, there are other direct connections.

Games increasingly incorporate construction mechanics - especially on the design front - with games like The Sims, Minecraft, Valheim and Fortnite asking players to construct structures to suit their purpose.

Building is a key element in many survival games, such as Raft, Conan: Exiles and Green Hell.

Construction planning and design are intrinsic to games like Blueprint Tycoon and Prison Architect; and franchises such as MechWarriors engage with operating big robots.

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Are Video Games Good or Bad?

Image Credit: theconversation.com

Video games have become ingrained in modern society. They are the most popular form of entertainment globally, surpassing the yearly revenue of TV, movies and music in 2018.

With games taking their prominent place in society, it is only natural that the merits of gaming becomes a topic of discussion. The early film industry of the 1920s and 1930s underwent similar scrutiny after all.

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