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An online learning programme dedicated to the

development of employability skills

by playing video games. 

Dates: 1st-10th November.

3 Live streams. 5 Quests on Discord. 1 hour a day.

The Bootcamp includes: an analysis of your gaming profile and existing skills;

workshop sessions with a number of successful gamers from a variety

of industries; as well as in-game and real-life challenges to complete.


Our Programme:


1. Introduction. Use our special gaming profile tool to identify your skills and what motivates you in your gaming. Live on Monday, 1st Nov.

2. Overview of opportunities in the digital and creative industries where you can apply your game skills. Live on Thursday, 4th Nov.

3. A series of gaming quests to unleash your creativity, goal-setting, decision-making and self-awareness.

4. Career support: what jobs are out there and how can you stand out from the crowd? Live on Tuesday, 9th Nov.

5. Peer-to-peer gaming and real-life challenges.

There will be recordings available for the 3 live sessions and activities

in our Discord server that can be completed in your own time within 48 hours.

By the end of the Bootcamp, you will have found a clear action path by:


Bootcamp overview


GA certificate




"Bootcamp made me realise what my 'soft 'skills are.
It allowed me to create a much better CV. "

— WiseUmbreon

"I noticed many small changes and considered things and skills about myself that I didn’t before, specifically in-game."

— Silvera

"I really enjoyed the course. It was great. It opened my eyes to new things like re-training that I thought I couldn’t do."

— Suugy

"I've learnt more about who I am as a gamer and person and
how I can use those skills in life."

— TheLoneRedPen


Bootcamp fees from £ 19.95

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