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The world is made better by people
who do what they love.

We´re here to help you get there, by making

Your gaming moments




Use the talents that come naturally to
you to build a career you love.

Just like the

people in our







When you play games, you
develop skills that can be


to work and life





- You assess the best strategy to kill that boss
- You decide what your next job will be

- You keep trying until you win
- You phone the recruiter again

- You create and run a strong guild
- You help your colleagues

- You experiment with customizations
- You design an impressive CV

We help you figure out your strengths
in-game and use them to find new



By linking Steam, PSN or Xbox Live, you show us

the types of games you play


how and why you play them

This tells us about the activities you enjoy and the skills you excel at

We link your talents with the careers that use them

And highlight areas that may need improvement

Our classes, tasks and in-game challenges help you
build the skillset you need

For your dream job

What does
the community say?

«I love how Game Academy helps gamers identify career-relevant skills
they’ve already developed in their favourite video games.»

Jane McGonigal,
Game Designer & Author

«Game Academy is a great service. It’s helped me find
new focus and figure out what I want to do.»

former sales assistant, now concept artist

«I enjoyed the quests a lot. I wanted to learn the fundamentals
of what goes into good and effective decision-making and Game Academy
forced me to step back, think about it all and train my skill.»

software engineer

«Game Academy helps players and their parents understand
the value of in-game achievement in real life. This should be celebrated and encouraged.»

Rich Keen,
COO Mind Candy

«What You Play Is Who You Are!
Game Academy helps people to understand it.
That's why I support them.»

Dr Richard Bartle,
co-creator MUD1

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Game Academy helps you realise
your true potential and provide you with the
soft skillset you need to excel in your career.

It's free, with optional paid services.

What it is and how it works

Game Academy is a platform aimed to
improve your soft-skillset through gameplay.

We’ll analyse your performance and achievements to figure out
how your in-game choices and actions might affect your career
life, as well as where you need to improve.

Who it is for

We passionately believe in the potential of gamers! If you have the
extreme strategy skills in tower defence, amazing hand-to-eye
coordination or you rally your battle team and lead them to victory
— this programme is for you.

We are working with a focus on people based in the UK, whose jobs
are at risk and are aged 24+, however anyone is welcome to join.

We will take you through a collection of solo
exercises, group activities and visual content,
in order to prepare you for your dream job.

Uniquely, some of the course challenges
will commence inside the games you play,
while you’re having fun!