Game Academy is a career development programme designed to get you that dream job.

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Here’s how it works

Your Steam, PSN or Xbox Live profiles reveal

The games you play


How and why you play them

  • Step 1: Share your gaming profile with us

  • Step 2: We analyse your gaming behaviour and report on your skills

  • Step 3: Join us on a programme to sharpen those skills, playing your favourite games

  • Step 4: Get from us recommendations on careers and further learning

Cutting edge technology and research supports our work. We’ve looked at the games, skills and careers of over 50,000 players 

We have analysed the top 500 games played on Steam, skills demanded by those titles and linked them to careers.

Transfer gaming skills to work and life

When you play games, you develop skills that can be

Transferred to work and life

  • Decision-making:

    • In game: you plan to kill the boss

    • In life: you plan your next job

  • Persistence:

    • In game: you never stop seeking victory

    • In life: you never stop seeking success

  • Teamwork:

    • In game: you create and run a guild

    • In life: you create and run a department

  • Creativity:

    • In game: you invent new realities

    • In life: you invent new strategies

We help you understand your strengths in-game and turn them into

Employment and Educational opportunities

  • Chef

  • Programmer

  • Pilot

  • Artist

  • Hotel Manager

  • Graphic designer

  • Engineer

  • Doctor

Our mission

Gamers are super-talented. The 21st century workplace needs your skills.

We believe the world is made better by people who do what they love. That’s why we exist. Spread that love.

Start Now
  • Personal development

  • Real-world opportunities

  • Inspiring community

  • Lots of gaming!

  • Why Game Academy

    Game Academy is supported by the UK Department for Education and Nesta through their CareerTech Challenge, as well as a member of the Ufi VocTech Seed 2020 programme. Game Academy is in the portfolio of the ZincVC venture builder. The team is made up of gamers, educationists, data scientists, careers advisors and social entrepreneurs.

  • The Experience

    Our programme is free to join. Free. It’s a series of fun, bright but challenging exercises and advice that’ll super-charge development of your career.

    GameGems are our platform currency. Complete exercises and win them. Grab a bagful of them and use them to buy Power Ups, an optional service. Got that?

Supported by

  • Department for Education
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  • The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment