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Am I Playing Football Manager Wrong?

I love football, I love the World Cup and I love gaming. So obviously, I love Football Manager.

But the problem is even though I consider myself to be pretty good at the game, I watch some streamers play it on Twitch and feel like we must be playing a completely different game!

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Jake from Game Academy

University Students Should Play More Online Games

University students should play more online games – a new academic study suggests.

Far from being a waste of time or simply procrastination from ‘real work’ – playing the right kind of games could make you more employable, the University of Surrey has found.

Research has shown that playing online games can develop and strengthen soft skills, including problem solving, spatial ability, risk management, and team-working.

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Jake from Game Academy

Has playing digital ‘Barbies’ stood the test of time?

After eight years, The Sims 4 has just become free to play. This is a great opportunity to review the game, and its relevance in the world today.

What’s striking is how far The Sims has come in its representation and the diversity of its cast - and it throws into stark relief just how far behind the gaming industry in general. Ironic really when the games world has traditionally been a safe haven for those who feel or find themselves marginalised in the real world.

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Are Video Games Good or Bad?

Image Credit: theconversation.com

Video games have become ingrained in modern society. They are the most popular form of entertainment globally, surpassing the yearly revenue of TV, movies and music in 2018.

With games taking their prominent place in society, it is only natural that the merits of gaming becomes a topic of discussion. The early film industry of the 1920s and 1930s underwent similar scrutiny after all.

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